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Two Years and Twenty-Seven Days… November 21, 2013

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…since that last post. Quite a lot has happened in that time. Quite a lot.

I am not the person I was two years and twenty-seven days ago. A lot of things are different now. Let’s recap.

October 2011. Mother to a 15-month-old and still working my way through a reasonable amount of post-natal bewilderment. Making a whole lot of baby shoes.

November 2013. Mother to a 3-year-old… and an 11-month-old. Permanently exhausted, but generally on top of things. Finding a groove. Feeling ok. I am back, and I am feeling ok.

IMGP5740 copy

I made a modest success of mamafactured. Sporadically sold shoes all over the world, sold at craft fairs, through small shops. I have stepped back a little just recently cause I have been overcome, once again, by the need to make. To create things for my little ones and for me. For a long time I have been sewing almost exclusively for other people’s kids, and it’s time for a change.

After all, a change can be as good as a rest. And there’s not a lot of time to rest these days.

IMGP5699 copy

There’s a lot more, of course. A lot of things to catch up on. But just for now, this years poppy.