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The elusive purple poppy and other stories… June 28, 2011

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It’s poppy season again. The time of year our garden actually looks halfway decent as we have quite a healthy poppy population growing back there. But this year brought something different. A single purple poppy sprouted among the red ones. I made a mental note to take a photo of it when the baby was in bed. 15 minutes before she went upstairs, a rainstorm washed all the petals off.

I waited two weeks for the other bud to unfold and the SAME THING HAPPENED AGAIN! What are the chances?! Obviously the purple poppy and our garden were not meant to be.

This morning I noticed the universe had arrived at a compromise, and a half red, half purple poppy had snuck up in the night.

In other news, there are two babies due within a week of each other at work, so I’ve been working on baby ripples.

Baby Ripple 1

One of the girls has found out the flavour (pink!) and one doesn’t want to know. I’m doing the girly one first, cause it’s easy, and allows me time to ponder unisex-but-still-interesting colours.

This yarn is new in at my local yarn shop and I am in love. It’s Katia Merino 100%, and it’s amazing. Soft, squooshy and machine washable! What else do you need in a baby yarn?


The other thing I’ve been working on is baby shoes. I got a big bag of leather scraps from my local mill shop, and they’re just right for making those soft slipper-type shoes. Even Phoebe, who at one point was militantly anti-shoe, will keep them on and had now started waving them at me and pointing to her feet.


I’m making a few up to sell after the lady in the cake shop round the corner saw them and got very overexcited. They sell handmade things in the shop, and she thinks they’ll do well. Everyone loves baby shoes, after all.


The ones I’ve made so far are a 6-12 month size, and I’ve given them leather or suede soles so little movers and shakers have a bit of grip. I’m planning to do some 0-6 month sizes in softer fabrics for less mobile, more delicate tiny babies, and also 12 month + sizes in slipper-type materials. Cute.

Speaking of little movers and shakers, our little one will be one on Friday. I’m not sure I can believe it.


10 Responses to “The elusive purple poppy and other stories…”

  1. Ana Says:

    The shoes are wonderful. I’ve made a pair in cotton but I’d love to try them in leather – they look so soft.

    • Katherine Says:

      They are, and they wear in brilliantly – just keep getting softer and softer! The dark pink ones are quite thin leather and definitely look the most comfy. Phoebe’s barely had them off since I made them 🙂

  2. Little Hands Dreams Says:

    Lovely shoes!
    Would your local shop have a name or web site? The leather look very very soft.
    Love what you do….

  3. Heather Says:

    Totally the right choice on the ripple vs granny stripe.
    Did you know that you get more awesome every day?
    We need to sort out train times 🙂 xxx

    • Katherine Says:

      Yes, you were so right. About the ripple, I mean. I think it makes the colour combo all the more vintagey and sweet. Planning a border very much in the vein of the Rosie Ripple part 2, think that would finish it off a treat. Must say, though, I do like the idea of becoming progressively more awesome 😉

      We will sort jaunts. I will email!

  4. Lucy@Attic24 Says:

    Heathers comment is very sweet, yes I also think you are pretty awesome and creative, those weeny shoes are to die for ♥

  5. peekchureimperfect Says:

    I liked the one with the star – looks Vietnamese.

    I know this is very late, so you still make them?

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