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long silence, then something different… May 30, 2011

Filed under: Baby,Sewing — Katherine @ 7:49 pm

Well, it’s been a while. I couldn’t quite believe it when I saw that the last time I posted was the 19th March. Forgive me.

Lots has happened in that time. I went back to work. It wasn’t as bad as I feared. We had the hottest April since the beginning of time (or something), a royal wedding – you heard about that, I’m sure, a new baby in the family and one amongst my friends, two pregnancies announced, two new teeth and a word (for Phoebe, not me) and a whole lot of sewing (for me!).

Many of the things I make are born out of me being an utter cheapskate. I see something I like, get a major case of the wants, then, nine times out of ten, decide that I can probably make it myself for cheaper. This was definitely the case with my latest project.


We thought about using cloth nappies with Phoebe before she was born, but my pregnant lady research was rubbish, and only turned up commercially made, boring and pretty expensive choices. So the idea was put into hibernation. Until a few weeks ago when, having a conversation with some friends who use cloth, one simply said, ‘you’re quite crafty, why don’t you make your own?’. And so an obsession was born.

These are a few of my favourites:

DDU side snapping

Happy Snap - smallest


Oriental Bum

Since then I have turned most of my old clothes pile and a chunk of my stash into a nappy of some description. I have been experimenting with ideas and looks and I’ve been planning.

I’ve got a few more plans up my sleeve. Hopefully it won’t be too long this time before I can share them with you.