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three decades and the return of the yarn fairy… March 19, 2011

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At the beginning of the month I turned thirty, and thanks to the lovely Mr p&p this lily and her friends graced my dining table for the best part of two weeks.

The occasion also saw the return of the yarn fairy, only this time she sent ribbon. Lovely, spotty grosgrain ribbon in three delicious coordinating colours that was just utterly perfect for a project I’ve had in mind for a while.


Like a lot of babies, Her Drooliness has a big thing for laundry tags. She likes to stroke them with her tiny little fingers, rub them on her nose, suck them, chew them and generally ignore all other, more interesting parts of a stuffed toy in favour of them. So a taggie blanket was an obvious choice.


The aqua ribbon on the corners was a last minute addition, and came from my birthday cake. The brown fleece and Moda cotton were in my stash, and I sewed a square of plastic carrier bag in the middle so it’s lovely and crinkly. So far it’s a big hit!

Taggie Blanket - fleece side

(Modelled by the bark chips in the back garden!)

Taggie Blanket - print side

All in all, a very quick, cheap, satisfying project. It probably took all of about 20 minutes to make and consists entirely of gifted, free and stash materials. Just how I like it!

There’s also a tinge of sadness here because this will probably be one of my last projects as a free woman. My maternity leave is over, and from Monday I’ll be back at work. To say I’m dreading it is probably an understatement. I’ll only be working three days a week, so it could be worse, but three whole days a week away from my little person seems like so long. I’m feeling a little bit blue just thinking about it.

The kind of blue that is probably best remedied with a lovely, new, big project? Watch this space…


2 Responses to “three decades and the return of the yarn fairy…”

  1. Heather Says:

    I think that being a Yarn Fairy is my most favourite thing to be. I love it! I’m glad Beebs likes her taggie blanket too.
    It’s so pants that you have to go back to work, I suppose the only thing you can do is be grateful that it’s only part time. I know that doesn’t make it much better, but even a little better is good, right? xxxx

  2. Janice Perkin Says:

    our phoebe also loved tags!! – she is now 1 – i can’t believe how fast that year has gone – sorry your maternity leave is over – phoebe’s mummy went back in January and was upset for a few weeks but she is ok now so you will be too – is your phoebe going to nursery? – we have ours 2 days and she goes to nursery for the other 2 – good luck

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