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waiting for spring… February 25, 2011

Filed under: Crochet — Katherine @ 11:38 am


Something odd has sprung up in the p&p household lately. Not one, but TWO lots of fresh flowers. It’s beginning to feel a lot like spring is hovering, just around the corner. It’s very, very welcome.

The daffs were a present from Heather when she visited us this weekend, and they have been cheering up my kitchen all week. They’re hanging out in a vase I fashioned out of an empty lasagna sauce jar and a flower pot because my other vase is occupied.

Green Valentine

Yep, that illustrates perfectly how often flowers make it into this house, that I only have one vase!

The orchids were my Valentine’s present. Red roses are all very well and good, but I’ve always had a soft spot for flowers that look a little like alien monsters. Mr p&p obviously knows me well! They’re on the way out now, but they have been making me think that maybe I should try to have flowers in the house more often. For the price of a bar of chocolate a week, a simple handful of daffs or tulips could be making the house a whole lot happier. I’ll give it a go.

In other news, Babette is growing. Slowly. It’s my background project, I do a little when I haven’t got anything else to do, so progress is limited, but it’s looking fab. I love the hodge-podge of colours – not my normal style at all!

Babette grows...

I noticed on my stats that there’s been a mini surge of visitors this week, since Heather linked to my blog from hers, so if you’re new here – hi! It always humbles me a little if people take the time to read a little bit about me and my tiny patch of the world, and even more if they take the time to leave a comment. So thank you. All of you x


5 Responses to “waiting for spring…”

  1. Claire Says:

    The Babette is looking glorious!

  2. Casey Says:

    The colors in your babette look so beautiful together!

  3. Tracy Marie Says:

    Lovin’ your Babette – thanks so much for sharing your progress!

  4. Tiitituu Says:

    Your Babette looks good! Strong colours, like you use to use, i´ve noticed.. Just waiting your “Ta-daa” -moment with the Babette.

  5. Pandorica Says:

    The colours in the blanket are great! Hodge-podge is the perfect description. Hodge-podge and gorgeous!

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