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conspicuous absence… January 29, 2011

Filed under: Baby,Crochet — Katherine @ 11:46 am

Sorry, I’ve been busy. Poor excuse, I know. I’ll try harder from now on.

Those who look at this blog from the site itself rather than through a reader may have noticed me tinkering about with the look of it. Don’t panic – it’s a work in progress!

While I’m tinkering, I thought I’d nip on to show you how many granny squares tall baby girl is now.

You may remember at 12 days old, she was a mere six squares:

Modelled Sunburst

By 9 weeks she had grown to seven:

9 weeks

At 3 months, she was stretching to eight:


And at 6 months, well, just take a look:

Off the scale

She’s 7 months next week, and I think we’re going to need to make a bigger blanket.


2 Responses to “conspicuous absence…”

  1. And both baby girl and blanket are still gorgeous! Clever you on producing both đŸ™‚

  2. How sweet these are. (and the blankets too) Beautiful colors.

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