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twenty eleven… January 1, 2011

Filed under: Baby,Crochet — Katherine @ 6:36 pm

...and a Happy New Year

…and a Happy New Year!!

What a year. I spent exactly half of it waiting, growing, stitching towards a goal, a tiny person born 6 months ago today. Happy half-birthday, Phoebe!

The other half, well, to say she changed my life would be an understatement. I have never in my life been so elated, so drained, so energised, so frustrated, so overjoyed, so tired, so sore, so proud, so sad, so fraught or so totally at peace, all at the same time. I have watched this tiny human, this little, fragile being get bigger and stronger and smarter by the day. I have watched her learn simple lessons, things we absolutely take for granted, like holding up her head, or reaching out her hands to grab something. I have heard her find her voice. I have seen her grow before my eyes.

At six months, she sits by herself, rolls off anything and everything, reaches very much further than you expect she can, says ‘ba-ba’, ‘ga-ga’ (music fan?), ‘ma-ba’ and ‘waa-waa’ (we’re still working on ‘mama’), giggles when you throw her in the air, tries to eat anything within reach. She is a person. She is my person.

Merry Christmas

It was a year of lots of things. Lots of change in lots of ways, and my hope is that this year will be very much calmer.

Increasingly active baby-frolics aside, of course.

Ho Ho Ho

My resolution for 2011? Keep calm, and carry on.

Happy New Year xx


3 Responses to “twenty eleven…”

  1. Janice Perkin Says:

    hope you had a good time with your Phoebe – our Phoebe loved the tinsel!

    • Katherine Says:

      Our Phoebe loved the tinsel too, but she thought it was a tasty snack, so I had to confiscate it when bits started falling off! It was all a little overwhelming for her, I think, but she was ever so good with it.

      Hope you and your Phoebe have a fab 2011 🙂

  2. You did a fine job of producing that person of yours. 🙂 Thanks for letting us see her! It’s frustrating when all you get to see is a hand or a foot of the wee ones. 🙂

    I hope you come and visit my blog sometime!

    Teresa from Oregon

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