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new beginnings… December 14, 2010

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So, the world’s most blanketed baby grows ever more blanketed.

Not a little baby sized blanket this time, though. Oh no. She has lots of lovely little blankets. This is going to be a big blanket. A big blanket just for her.

I’ve been flirting with the idea of making a Babette for a long time, but after spending approximately 56 years making Baby Granny Blanket, I needed to get some instant gratification type projects done. Now I’m rested, I’m revived, and I’m ready to go. Bring it on, Babette.


I’m using my go-to yarn for baby projects, Jarol Heritage DK. It’s cheap, soft, machine washable, and at 55% wool, it’s nice and cosy to boot. Best of all, a lot of the colours were in my stash already. Perfect.

Babette Begins

Beginnings are always very exciting, don’t you think?


well… December 6, 2010

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Remember last year when eight inches of snow fell in one day, and we feeble islanders were all in a kerfuffle about it?

The last day of November saw fourteen inches fall in one day. FOURTEEN. See?:


Now I snowboard, I’ve travelled, and I’m aware that in a lot of places fourteen inches of snow is a mere sprinkling, but over here this is a BIG DEAL. I heard on the radio that this is the worst December weather in our region since December 1981, and the worst single day of snow since some time in the 60s that I didn’t commit to memory cause I wasn’t even alive then.

And due to our driveway and the road out of our estate looking like this:


…(they’re both under there somewhere), we have been a weeny bit stranded. For a week. So I’ve got a good deal of knitting to show you. Just gotta wait for better light.