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the wonder weeks… November 19, 2010

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Just as I was allowing myself to think that I had this whole parenting business down, I was introduced to wonder week 19.

Wonder weeks, if you are unfamiliar with them, are weeks in the life of a baby where, alongside making significant developmental leaps, they become a right pain in the behind for the duration.

Shakey Shake

Right on time, a 19-week-old Phoebe learned to grab a toy and shake it, pick things up and put them in her mouth, sit supported and roll from her back onto her front. She also cried about nothing in particular, didn’t want to be put down, slept in chunks no longer than 2 hours at night, and totally refused to nap.

Yesterday she hit 20 weeks, and has begun to allow me the luxury of a morning nap again. A nap for her, that is. I’ve been knitting.
Self Striping

I finally found the perfect project for a couple of skeins of Rico Creative Poems Aran that I’ve had stashed. I saw a couple of great looking Baktuses (Bakti?) using it striped with a plain grey. So that’s what I did. Dead easy project, but I love love it! It’s so soft and squooshy and warm.


It’s going to look just the ticket with my new grey wool winter coat.



Hopefully it won’t be so long before my next update. I have a few projects which aren’t a million miles from completion, so all we need is for the elusive afternoon nap to click back into place, and I should have a whole bunch of stuff to show you!

Think sleepy thoughts for us…