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things we saw on our holidays… September 19, 2010

Filed under: Photography — Katherine @ 9:28 am

We went on holiday to the Lake District and we saw…


Water, water everywhere! Lakes, puddles, HUGE rainclouds, swollen rivers, streams, tears (oh dear).


Boat in the Rain

Lots of boats on the water. Pressure from other half to undertake a boat trip in torrential rain and near gale force winds (no thanks). Rowboats and yachts and steamers (oh my!).


Sun at last – hooray! And the rather misleadingly-named Grange-over-Sands, which actually features only the above marshy quicksand and grass. No good for baby’s first walk on the beach. They should rename it Grange-no-Sands.


It was mighty pretty though! I made eyes at these houses on the sea front.

Holy Moly

And this church on the top of the hill.


We followed the sign post to ‘Leisure Facilities’, which actually turned out to be a bowling green, the world’s smallest tennis court and a disused model boating lake.


But on the way we saw a butterfly.


And a sunflower.


And then both!


We stayed in the Lyth Valley, which apparently is damson country!


See? Although TUT at whoever wrote this sign and their punctuation!


Wordsworth’s grave (behind the best gingerbread shop in the world). This photo, which is not actually Wordsworth’s grave (it was obscured by tourists), was actually taken by my husband, who later confessed he actually had no idea who Wordsworth was. Bless.


And all of this making for a very tired little baby.


3 Responses to “things we saw on our holidays…”

  1. Maya Says:

    wonderful photos! i think i need a holiday too : )

  2. Janice Perkin Says:

    my hasn’t she grown – glad you had agood holiday we are taking our Phoebe on holiday today with her mummy and daddy and uncle and auntie!

  3. Ellie Says:

    Phoebe looks the spit of you in this photo Kaff.

    Yeah, it’s been a bit windy and rainy in the Lakes the last few weeks. My mum’s sick of it now, she keeps checking to see if any of the back of the house has washed away.

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