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the craft has got his hat on… September 6, 2010

Filed under: Baby,Knitting,Project Projects! — Katherine @ 5:31 pm

Stripes!Crafting with a baby around takes a little getting used to. Gone are the days of hours devoted to yarn or fabric or words. Crafting with a baby is quick and dirty. You get your kicks where you can.


A stripe here, an earflap there. A two hour project stretches to fill four days. But I’m getting there!

An unprecedented decision on Phoebe’s part to actually try sleeping at bedtime has got me off to a flying start, and last night I wove in the final end on her very first hat. Unfortunately, poor gauge-measuring on my part means it’ll probably fit her for all of about ten seconds, but just for now I think she’s looking very dapper indeed!


Pattern is the Children’s Earflap Hat by SweetP Knits, knit in the round. 4.5mm needles, remnant of Rowan Pure Wool from Baby Granny Blanket.

Project Projects reaches 10!


9 Responses to “the craft has got his hat on…”

  1. Heather Says:

    It’s such a super duper awesome hat, lovely lovely. She looks ace in it, albeit a little surprised!

    • Katherine Says:

      He he! She’s a July baby, she’s never worn a hat before!

      The first time I put it on, she cried. Woops. The second time she was ok, but I think it’ll take a third or maybe even fourth before she’s entirely convinced!

      I do also think she’s still getting used to my paparazzi-style intrusions.

  2. Janice Perkin Says:

    she is so cute and so is the hat – you will have to save it for the next one!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Katherine Says:

      Thanks 🙂

      I may actually keep it in my arsenal for baby presents, and make another bigger one for actual use. Someone’s bound to have a winter girl baby at some point!

  3. Rach Says:

    i love love love this, shes so blooming cute and now she has a blooming cute hat to match, off to go and investigate that pattern yay!

    • Katherine Says:

      It’s a great pattern! SO much scope for personalising it, and if you are not sleep-deprived to such a fashion that simple measuring outfoxes you, I think it’d be a really good fit :p

      I may try a fair isle one next!

  4. Rach Says:

    fabulous, i need to make 6mth old ones wish me luck lol

  5. Claire Says:

    What a gorgeous hat! Almost as gorgeous as the baby 😀

  6. niki Says:

    oh my heck! what a super duper cutie pie!

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