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emerging from the fog… September 1, 2010

Filed under: Baby,Crochet — Katherine @ 2:18 pm

Yesterday evening, a funny thing happened. The baby monitor went quiet. Not the bad kind of quiet, and we have one of those sensor mats so a light flashes every time the little one breathes (oh yes, I’m one of those neurotic kinds of mums), but the kind of quiet which means that it’s 8pm, and my baby girl is actually ASLEEP.

Then something even stranger happened. My crochet hook found its way back into my hand.

The thing that I didn’t realise about life with a newborn is how intense it is. How all-consuming the hapless routine I now find myself in. I consider the day relatively ordered if I find the time to pee more than once. And here I was, cotton in one hand, hook in the other, about to partake in some me-time.

Before I knew it, I’d crocheted a whole granny square. Then promptly decided that I think I’d prefer the yarn (Rico Essentials Cotton) knitted. Of course, a timely squeal from the baby monitor stopped the fetching of knitting needles in its tracks, but it was a start. A tentative toe back into the craft sea. An hour or so a night (so long as it’s not a bad night) of it just being me again.

We’re back in business, folks.


2 Responses to “emerging from the fog…”

  1. Rachel Says:

    How lovely – I can feel your contentment – my little one is sleeping now and I have that same feeling – I’m not knitting though, but blogging! Knitting will come later! Take care, Rachel xx

  2. Janice Perkin Says:

    glad you are back and Phoebe is well – our Phoebe is growing fast too

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