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decisions… June 26, 2010

Filed under: Crochet,Project Projects! — Katherine @ 8:29 am

63 completed sunburst squares. 6 piles of carefully organised colourways. 5 days til baby p&p is due. It’s becoming a race against time.

Since these pictures were taken, I have begun sewing them up. This is my first time sewing granny squares. I used the join-as-you-go method with Baby Granny Blanket, but Sunburst doesn’t have the granny holes, so that was never going to look right. I’ve crocheted squares together before, too, but I don’t like the ridges along the back, particularly with smaller squares. So I did some googling and decided to go with a mattress stitch. I’m liking it, so far. It’s flat, and feels pretty secure. And I’m even quite enjoying the process of stitching.

There they are – all my squares, in their final layout. I took some time with this, making sure the pinks and deep purples were pretty evenly distributed, and that no two adjacent squares had the same colour in the same place. I also made sure, as I was hooking them up, that no two squares were identical. This is the most controlled of anything I’ve made. Maybe this is my version of nesting? Cause I know my house is not looking any amount of cleaner!

See? All my little piles, laid out in order, labelled by row, ready to be sewn up. I even tied them together so there was no possibility of them getting all messed up.

As of this morning, rows 1-5 are sewn up. 6 is by my side, about to be added, and 7, 8 and 9 are sitting on top of my yarn chest, waiting patiently. What do you reckon will come first? Completion or baby?


on motherhood. and trees… June 22, 2010

Filed under: Baby — Katherine @ 10:19 pm

No, we’re not there yet. Nearly, though. Only 9 days left till my due date.

I confess I haven’t been myself this week. I’d love to poetically articulate what’s been on my mind, except the only word that I think accurately describes it is BEWILDERED.

Twenty-one days today, if not before, I’m going to become a mother.

Sometime in the spring, I woke up to find the builders still working on our estate had planted two trees behind our back fence. At the time they were little more than sticks. The other night I watched the sun casting its last rays on their little budding leaves in front of a backdrop of moody grey cloud, and really thought about what that means.

A mother. Me.

This is going to be one hell of a project.


baby’s first monsters… June 5, 2010

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Carrying on my productivity, yesterday (while hiding from the heat!) I finished knitting Daphne and Delilah from Danger Crafts. I opted for felt/embroidered faces so they’d be baby-safe. Made from Kool Kotton in Aqua and Tomato – a bit copied off the original pattern, but I’m ok with it.

They’ll live on a shelf in little one’s nursery for the minute. The nursery, incidentally, which is coming together well! We’ve painted, we’ve acquired most of the furniture. Just need a few bits and some finishing touches and will be good to go.

That said, we went for our antenatal class/hospital tour today, and touches of the faintly terrified are beginning to edge in.

I shall distract myself with craft.