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six things to love about sunday… March 21, 2010

Filed under: Crochet,Knitting,Photography,Project Projects!,Sewing — Katherine @ 6:36 pm

Cracking on with Sage Remedy. The front is finished, and I’m a good 6 inches into the back. Hooray! Hope I’ll still fit in it once it’s done.

The new yarn I picked up for baby p&p’s summer blanket.

My new cake stand! Which just happens to go so well with…

…our lovely tea and sugar jars! I lovelovelove these!

Baby Granny Blanket. Not quite finished, but getting a bit of use in before the weather warms up too much!

And some awesome cupcake fabric I spied walking through Leeds market the other week. Probably going to end up as a baby item of some description, but for now I’m just enjoying looking at it!


progress… March 9, 2010

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Sage Remedy is coming along! I’m loving the Pima Cotton, it’s super soft, cool, and just a teeny bit springy. Only hope I get it finished before my ever-increasing belly outgrows it!

I’ve been a bit sluggish on the old projects lately, so thought I’d show you this, even though I had to rock out the flash! Stupid glum weather.


a seasidey kind of day… March 7, 2010

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It was my birthday on Tuesday (hooray!) and as has become a custom in our house, my birthday means our annual bracing early March visit to the seaside.

The last two years we’ve been to Whitby (which I do still love) but this year, as I was involved in the decision making (pregnancy and surprise trips are not always great bedfellows), we decided to shake it up a bit, and we set off to Scarborough.

First to the castle, which looked vastly different to the last time we were there, in May, when the grounds were littered with historical re-enacters, squealing families and fronds of wild flowers. And of course, as I already have approximately three billion photos of Scarborough castle, I busied myself finding other things to take photos of, while P took the step-by-step audio tour.

I was getting into taking macro shots of the tiny weeds growing on the castle walls, until I discovered something altogether more exciting.


I particularly love the way that all the drops bead on that kind of grass, like a cluster of tiny magnifying glasses. Sadly a combination of growing bump and soggy grass cut my dew exploration somewhat short. Boo

Before I was forced to get up and restore the circulation to my legs, I found this lonely little feather on the grass, and rather fancied that it might belong to some sort of mythical creature. The kind that might live in the ruins of a castle. That or a seagull, of course.

After a well-deserved (my opinion, of course) waffle with fresh cream and toffee sauce, eaten on a world-weary bench on the sea front, we headed off up to the North Bay and popped into the Sealife Centre.

I do love aquariums, and the jellyfish in this particular one are every variety of excellent, but they’re not so great for taking pictures. So you’ll have to believe me that the jellyfish and the seahorses and the rays and the sharks were brilliant.

What I can show you are the little fellas we found outside.

Like this chirpy little dude who hurriedly waddled over to see me, presumably thinking I might feed him.

And this big old seal, who was more interested in lazily floating on his back and scratching his seal belly.

And then we went for a walk by the rock pools, nearly caught our death of cold, and drove all the way home.

All in all, a really rather nice kind of day.