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happy new year! January 7, 2010

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Ok, it’s been nearly a week since New Year’s Day, when I fully intended to write a post about how my New Year’s resolution was to update my blog more regularly. Woops. And even worse than that, I’ve spent the last 3 days marooned in my house because of this:

I’ve mentioned before that a couple of inches of snow brings the whole of England grinding to a halt, no? This week we had 8 inches in one day. And it’s snowed every day since. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to drive a Ford KA in 8 inches of snow up a hill, but it’s not an experience I’d recommend, especially when fairly pregnant and extremely hormonal. So no work for me. Hooray!

Anyhoo, I’m posting now. Yay!

I considered undertaking another resolution, of sorts. To complete 52 projects in one year. One for each week. Then I remembered I’m having a baby this year, and thought 52 projects was a little ambitious. So now I’m attempting 35 projects in one year. I think that’s more do-able. And I’m borrowing 2 projects from last year, to start with. If you can’t win – cheat!

So here I present projects 1 and 2. Made for my parents for Christmas, cause I’m poor and they so love the handmade goodies.

For my dad – oreo balls (recipe shortly!) covered in peppermint-scented dark chocolate (his favourite) with cutesty choc sprinkles.

For my mum – oreo balls covered in white chocolate, with pretty pink sugar sprinkles. I did these first, so they’re not as neat as the others, but they still went down well!

Oreo balls are the easiest things EVER to make, and they taste lovely. Here’s how:

Empty 3 packets (the 170g (ish) packets, NOT the boxes!) of oreos into your food processor and blitz until you can’t see any of the white bits and the crumbs have the texure of sand. The finer you can get it, the better the texture of the finished product will be.

Then chuck in one packet of Philadelphia or your equivalent supermarket branded full fat soft cheese. The 225g (ish) packet, not the huuuuuge one! Blitz again until it’s combined.

Take your gooey mass out, wrap it up and put it in the fridge for a while. I left mine overnight, but a few hours would do it. When it’s all cold and firm, roll into walnut-sized balls and chill again.

Then dunk your chilled balls in the melted chocolate of your choice to coat them. I used a mug and two forks for this, but there are other ways. And if you want to put sprinkles on, get them on FAST, cause that chocolate hardens superfast!

Place on non-stick surface, chill til the chocolate is hard, and serve!

You should keep these in the fridge between servings, and eat them all within a week (oh, the trauma!). That said, my mum was still eating hers well over a week later and didn’t die. Hooray!

Go forth and enjoy your balls. I’ll be digging my way off a very snowy hill.


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