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white christmas! December 25, 2009

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Merry Christmas all, from me and my latest (but most exciting!) secret craft project:

Wishing you all a wonderful 2010 x


white christmas…? December 21, 2009

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Yesterday it snowed. A lot. Which made for rather a beautiful morning this morning:

However, it was a beautiful morning where nobody could get their car up the hill and out of our estate. Woops. But yay, hooray, woohoo if it wasn’t a snow day!!

Anyone who is not from England may be thinking, ‘Are you kidding me, that’s like 3 inches of snow, and you can’t drive your car?!?!’. And you’d be right. Embarrassing, no? It usually doesn’t even take this much. A solid inch, and there’ll be chaos all day. Makes me so proud 😉

Anyway, my poor, feeble little English car and its poor, feeble unsuitable-for-the-weather tyres were getting further sliding down the hill backwards than driving up the hill forwards, so I gave up on it as a bad job, and stayed at home.

Not to mention I had work to do. Specifically, Christmas buns to bake:

I trialled two new cupcake recipes for these, which was probably a bad idea for an order, but actually worked out pretty well. They’re just chocolate and vanilla (with my tried and tester choc and vanilla buttercreams). I’ll definitely be adding both to my recipe book. I’ll write out links and my UK-ified version of the recipes another day. You should try them too. Everyone needs a bit of cupcakey goodness in their lives.

This was my favourite for today:

Mmmmm. Cake.