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this week I have mostly been… November 22, 2009

Filed under: Knitting — Katherine @ 9:49 pm


It’s true. I’ve mentioned my total lack of inability to remain faithful to any one craft before, I’m sure. Plus, with waiting til next payday before I can finally put the finishing touches to Baby Granny Blanket, I needed a change of scenery. And this particular change came in the form of tiny skull and heart shaped fair isle wristwarmers.

Have I ever mentioned I’m a moody teenager at heart?

Anyway, I got the first one all done and seamed, and it seems I have totally overestimated the stretch of a colourwork piece, and can barely get it over my wrist. Bum.

Happily, I spent the early part of this week knitting up a pair of apple green Cupcake mittlets, which fit beautifully (pics soon), so they are keeping my hands warm in the absence of any great progress on the fair isle front.

I’m actually considering seaming up the thumb hole and giving it a new lease of life as something singular. A very emo knitted vase cover, perhaps? Suggestions on a postcard.


4 Responses to “this week I have mostly been…”

  1. Heather Says:

    Seam it up and have it as a weeny bag, or a little stocking for your christmas tree!

    • Katherine Says:

      Oooh, you have given me an idea! I’m going to make it into a sock for my phone! It’s the perfect size.

      P thinks I have lost what little sanity I had left. Men.

  2. Kate Says:

    I am such a moody teenager inside! Freaking emos, ruining it for everyone…. Why, in MY day, we had to make our OWN angst! None of this running into Supre for a new tshirt about vampires every time we felt like we might accidentally eb cheering up!

    Hee… I am so scared of colourwork, for exactly that reason. Also, because it is hard. But skulls and hearts! Oh, my!

    • Katherine Says:

      I know, right! Angst is not what it was. Gone are the days of forlorn diary entries (in an actual, physical paper diary) about how hard life is if your one true love is just going to ignore you and be in love with skinny Jessica from maths *tear*

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