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warm wrists… November 24, 2009

Filed under: Knitting — Katherine @ 7:16 pm

What’s this, I hear you cry! TWO posts in a week? Surely not. Surely some kind of mistake?

As it happens I have been exceptionally crafty this week.

The green wristwarmers promised in my last post, plus a bonus action shot:

An easy knit – couple of evenings and a Sunday afternoon, not going at any great pace. It’s a nice little pattern, open to all manner of alterations, which of course I almost immediately did:

Again reaching for my inner teenager, after the failure of the earlier fair isle. Swapped the 1×1 rib (my nemesis) for 2×2, and took out the lace pattern in favour of skinny stripes. The one-handed action shot actually works perfectly here, as I have currently only actually done one. Don’t worry, I am going to do the other one. This isn’t a cosy emo homage to MJ or anything.

And while I’m warming my wrists, a blast from my past. These are the Hurry Up Spring armwarmers from Stitch N Bitch Nation, in the lovely Noro Kureyon, and they are from a while ago. They were actually on my needles the day I went on the first date with my lovely husband. I like to think of them as my good luck omen. As a knitted sign of change. Of good things to come.

And, of course, they are really rather good at keeping your wrists warm.

They are looking a little tatty round the tops these days, but I still love them, cable-y goodness and all. There are two of these, by the way, they just look all shrunken and sad when not on a wrist because of the amount of ribbing round the back. The other one’s very similar. You’re not missing much.

On Saturday I went back to the house my cousin rents off me and dug through the INSANE amount of crap I left in the loft when I moved out. I left in a hurry after breaking up with my ex, and I’m not overly keen on being there. It reminds me of old times. Sadder times. But there were happy times for me when I saw the sheer amount of yarn I’d amassed and thrown up in boxes. Oh my, I was really rather overcome. It was like a supermarket sweep in a FREE yarn supermarket. Extremely exciting. I may post you a photo of my hoard when I’ve sorted it all out.

Maybe I’ll even manage three posts in a week?


this week I have mostly been… November 22, 2009

Filed under: Knitting — Katherine @ 9:49 pm


It’s true. I’ve mentioned my total lack of inability to remain faithful to any one craft before, I’m sure. Plus, with waiting til next payday before I can finally put the finishing touches to Baby Granny Blanket, I needed a change of scenery. And this particular change came in the form of tiny skull and heart shaped fair isle wristwarmers.

Have I ever mentioned I’m a moody teenager at heart?

Anyway, I got the first one all done and seamed, and it seems I have totally overestimated the stretch of a colourwork piece, and can barely get it over my wrist. Bum.

Happily, I spent the early part of this week knitting up a pair of apple green Cupcake mittlets, which fit beautifully (pics soon), so they are keeping my hands warm in the absence of any great progress on the fair isle front.

I’m actually considering seaming up the thumb hole and giving it a new lease of life as something singular. A very emo knitted vase cover, perhaps? Suggestions on a postcard.


remember, remember… November 14, 2009

Filed under: Crochet — Katherine @ 12:33 pm

Another long gap, and my apologies. Truth be told, the reason I haven’t posted for a while is because I haven’t actually produced anything for a while!

So far this November I have been mostly working and sleeping. Oh, and counting down the days until Christmas. 40, if you’re interested.

I still cannot afford the yarn to finally finish Baby Granny Blanket, so in the meantime, have been making use of my (sizeable) stash. And coming up with a few of these little babies.

The yarn is Patons Smoothie, which I do actually quite like, for a synthetic, although it is EXTREMELY splitty. It’s got a sort of mercerised cotton feel – shiny and cool, and best of all is only £2ish for 100g. Hurrah! Colours aren’t great, although I lovelove this teal, and the lime green.

The pattern is the Sunburst Granny Square, which I have admired for a while, and have always liked best when the little bursts of colour are framed in a pale colour, like little colourful targets. I think it would be really rather delicious in Rowan Pure Wool, should I ever find the money!

For now, my cheapy, splitty yarn will have to do.