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going postal… October 18, 2009

Filed under: Crochet — Katherine @ 9:43 pm

This month I have been mostly being annoyed by Royal Mail. Specifically, not knowing whether, if I order the yarn that I need to finish Baby Granny Blanket, it will actually arrive due to their stupid epic industrial action. Seriously.

On a brighter note, this has given me the opportunity to sneakily start work on the next project in my queue – the Baby Ripple. This one intended for an actual baby (unless I steal it for myself to just have and admire!). It’s a little ripple, my lovely Cotton-Ease on a 4.5mm hook, in which were supposed to be unisex, but actually turned out to be slighty more boyish colours.

I must admit, I’m ever-so-slightly in love

In other yarn news, I have been stashing. Bargain-hunting new yarn, and squirrelling it away for my next ideas.

King Cole Merino DK – almost exactly as lovely as the Rowan Pure Wool, but on sale at more than half the price. Success! I have big plans for this. Big SECRET blanket-like plans.

Couldn’t resist this combo! I’m planning another smaller blanket – chunky and snuggly – maybe long stripes?

And finally, the most AMAZING shade of green I think I’ve ever seen! Like a big, shiny Granny Smith! Going to make some fingerless gloves with this, I think. There should be enough for two pairs, but I can’t decide whether to make a green pair and a black pair, or a green/black striped pair! Wonder if it’d stretch to 3 pairs? Hmmm.

Anyway, that’s all my yarn porn for today. Hope to be back soon with more projects!


5 Responses to “going postal…”

  1. Sarah Says:

    You use such gorgeous colours! Love the blanket!

  2. craftyfox Says:

    What specific colour is the blue yarn? I’ve only recently found your blog and love it!

    • Katherine Says:

      Thanks πŸ™‚

      The cotton-ease blue? That’s ‘seaspray’, which I love, cause I used to ride a pony called Seaspray (about 20 years ago!).

  3. Laura Says:


    Where did you buy the king cole merino? I was trying to find some but I can’t 😦 xx

    • Katherine Says:

      I got it off ebay as part of a lot, but you can get it from Texere. It’s cheaper off ebay if you want colours that aren’t as new/popular – mine were 1.99 each except the tealy colour πŸ™‚

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