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a sneaky peek… October 10, 2009

Filed under: Crochet — Katherine @ 1:56 pm

I am now on the TWENTY FOURTH square, after some hardcore (well, hardcore for me!) crocheting, and casting my mind forward a little, to my growing queue of projects.

The little heap above is the bare bones of my ripple-to-be. I’ve also got a new stash of wool screaming to be made into fingerless gloves, Midi Granny Blanket to be, and some cotton for a bag I’ve been dreaming up.

What I need, and what I don’t have, is more time. I spend all day at work thinking about what I’m going to create, and when I get home I have NO TIME in which to create anything. Rubbish.

What I really need is 36 hour days!


5 Responses to “a sneaky peek…”

  1. Kate Says:

    It’s awful, isn’t it? The urge to MAKE SOMETHING NOW usually hits me at about 11am, just after I’ve really settled into the days work. I spend my spare moments at work peeking at the internet crafters and scribbling ideas on things. And then when I get home, even if I do have time, i am just too tired and burnt out. Not the way it ought to be, really.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how those yummy balls of promise turn out!

  2. Katherine Says:

    It is! I sometimes hear people who don’t work saying they don’t know what to do with their time, or that they’re bored, and I think COME DO MY JOB and I’ll crochet and bake and knit and sew all day every day and love every minute of it.

    Maybe when I’m retired! Oh well, only 40 years to go 😦

    Good luck with the hexes!

  3. I’m with you ladies! If only I could be paid to stay at home and craft to my heart’s content. It’s all backwards isn’t it? Ah well. I can’t wait to see this finished – I just loooove those colours together.

  4. Pure perfections. Love every little stitch of this one. The colors are heavenly. Looking around to hope to be able to follow along with your blog. I see many many postings that I’m liking at a mirror peek. Hope you don’t mind if I tag along on your journey in life.

  5. Heather Says:

    I want to smoosh them! Perhaps you should bring them on Saturday so I can have a sneaky squeeze …

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