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twenty one… October 2, 2009

Filed under: Crochet — Katherine @ 8:33 pm

There are twenty one completed squares in this pile (the top one has now been edged!). I am on to my final colour (Hyacinth, if you’re interested), and nearing the finish line.

I also wanted to share with you my favourite square so far, created as I was speeding through northern France, in fact:

I LOVE this colour green. I think it may be my favourite colour in the world. I love how cheery it is against the coolness of the greys. And the way that’s all held together with the pale blue of the pier. Well, it’s all so lovely.

I’m also thinking about joining them with Cypress (the darker blue colour) instead of the grey. Hmmm. Undecided.


9 Responses to “twenty one…”

  1. What a lovely blog you have…. You are a great photographer. Love all the animals at the zoo. WOW…. Hope you don’t mind if I follow along… I do, do more than hook away…

  2. pymette Says:

    Wow– the colours actually look “south-of-france-y”… if that’s even possible. I’m thinking of vineyards and lovely fields of lavender… so jealous!

  3. Fabulous colours, I can’t wait to see this finished. I agree with Kate, your photogrophy is wonderful! I am still struggling with colour combos for my blanket – think I need to do a quickie project today to give my poor brain a rest 🙂

    • Katherine Says:

      Thank you 🙂

      I’ve promised myself that I’ll finish this blanket before I start on anything else (they’re lining up behind), but sometimes a quick project on the side is just what you need!

      I love your big blue granny blanket, btw. Think that is my second favourite colour.

  4. Sarah Says:

    Gorgeous colours, they really go well together.

    Also beautiful photography, such clear images!

    • Katherine Says:


      I love your blog, btw. Just been for a peek, and those little Russian doll buttons made me squeee out loud! 🙂

  5. Lucy@attic24 Says:

    WOW your BB looks amazing!!!!!!!
    I love seeing how the design comes together in a different colour-way to my own, it looks stunning….lovely to visit with you :o)

  6. […] works, right? Well, I’ve been drooling over photos of wonderfully cosy crochet blankets (see this one over at {Peppermints & Poppies} and this one from {Little Tin Bird}… both using Rowan […]

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