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one year on… September 29, 2009

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On Friday, 26th September 2008, I married my soulmate.

That was the start of something. Something bigger than just me. The start of a life. The start of a family. I finished that day with a new ring and a new name and a person who’d been mine for a while already, but not quite so officially.

One year later I still giggle a small, secret giggle whenever I call him my husband.

Five days ago my husband and I (*giggle*) hopped on a train and sped off under the sea to celebrate the one year later.

By the way, did I ever tell you that I love trains? Well, I do. I’m generally not a great traveller. I hate cars, hate buses, hate boats and ferries, hate planes. But trains? Love them. I love the sounds, the rhythms, the mindlessness. The freedom to wander. The buffet cars! The platforms and announcements and whistles and guards and everything.

And all these things took us on our very Parisian anniversary trip.

View of the Eiffel Tower from the Champ de Mars

Arty shot!

Arc de Triomphe from the safety of the street

Stunningly awesome cake in an expensive-looking shop on the Champs Elysées

Tree-lined sides of the Champs Elysées

Artist at work in Montmartre

Sacré Coeur in the late afternoon

Dahlia in Jardin des Plantes

Caged birds at the marché aux oiseaux, Ile de la Cité

More to come!


5 Responses to “one year on…”

  1. Heather Says:

    I think you mean AWESOME arty shot! oh it’s gorgeous!

  2. Mr mist Says:

    Love the sky in the first shot, is that natural, filtered or edited? Looks great. Really vivid.

    • Katherine Says:

      Bit of all three!

      I always have a skylight filter on, not that it makes the greatest of differences. The sky was *almost* that stunning in real life, I just slightly edited it to make the colours pop a bit more.

  3. […] a little bit in love with Paris. We visited on our first anniversary, and again two years later with our then one-year-old daughter. I generally have big love for most […]

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