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things that would have been on my last post… September 19, 2009

Filed under: Baking,Crochet,Photography — Katherine @ 9:07 pm

If wordpress hadn’t carelessly discarded that last post, I would have told you this:

One day last week I looked out of my kitchen window and thought the world was ending…

It wasn’t of course, just an evening sky to delight shepherds, but I do enjoy a spot of dramarama from time to time, so I went with it.

I would also have told you that my brief concern that armageddon was on its way frustrated me somewhat, because I am absolutely not ready to die. Not least because I have now finished EIGHTEEN of the TWENTY-FOUR blocks of Baby Granny Blanket. Yes, my crocheting is slower than the second coming of Christ. But definitely moving along now.

Hopefully it’ll be done before the chills of autumn really gets their fingers into me, and I can snuggle under it’s weighty woollyness until spring skips along to thaw me out.

Finally, had yesterday’s post not flitted off out into cyberspace, I would have showed you my latest bun order. Vanilla buns, with vanilla cherry, and mint choc icing. Yummy.


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