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slow, slow progress July 10, 2009

Filed under: Crochet — Katherine @ 10:48 pm

Baby granny blanket is growing. I swear it is.

Trouble is, it’s growing about as fast as an actual baby. Maybe in nine months I may be able to warm myself under it. Maybe.

I made an executive decision a few days ago that on each block of four, I’d have a different red colour. The first block – this one – features the lovely ‘Port’. And I was running low on a couple of colours, so I placed a slight order:

Yesterday I started on the second block, with the featured colour being ‘Dahlia’, a bright, deep magenta colour. I think it’s working. It gives a very different effect to the port. I just hope that it’s good different and not sugar-free-calpol different!

I’ll keep you posted.


One Response to “slow, slow progress”

  1. pymette Says:

    I really do love this blanket, which I saw in the flickr “grannysquares” pool. And I’m drooling over the yarn, which is quite expensive in Canada…

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