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things to love about thursday July 3, 2009

Filed under: Crochet,Photography — Katherine @ 7:03 pm
Iced ginger ale and strawbs, anyone?

Iced ginger ale and strawbs, anyone?

An afternoon off work spent sitting in the sun sipping summery drinks.

No peppermints, though...

No peppermints, though...

An evening stroll through the poppyfield at the top of the lane.

Making progress

Making progress

And marvelling at how all it takes is three rows of granny edging to change a personality.


18 Responses to “things to love about thursday”

  1. Heather Says:

    I LOVE your poppy field! It was about time you went up there and took some photos 😉
    By the way, how do you edit your photos? Do you use a filter on them or do you alter the colour balance? You edit really well and I can never get the hang of it.

    • Katherine Says:

      I generally use Lightroom (which is AWESOME) or Photoshop, depending on my mood, but all poppyfields has had is a little bit of tinkering of curves, and the brightness shifted down a little to bring out the detail. The light, when I took it, was just perfect – bright, but a little hazy, and just starting to edge down behind those trees in the distance.

      That last photo is massively edited, though. I used the very last of the evening sun, and it threw the colours all over the place! It’s still not right – there’s a weird blue cast on the whole thing – but it’s a lot better than when I started, and I was much too impatient to wait for the sun to rise again!

      I edit all my photos. Even when they come straight out of your camera looking lovely (like strawberries at the top – that’s only rotated and cropped a little) there is always some little kink that can be ironed out. I’m not one of those photographers who’s fiercely anti-editing. For me not adjusting them a little is like making buns, getting the icing just right, and then not having sprinkles. It can be the difference between a really good photo, and a GREAT photo.

  2. Heather Says:

    I sometimes crop my photos, usually to get rid of insignificant bits that draw your attention to the wrong place. I’m not anti editing, I just can’t do it. All my photos are seen straight off my camera. I should probably learn to edit, because all your photos are always so much better than mine!
    Oh, and we should go out and do photos sometime, now that we have Done Yarn. And then you can show me how to edit some 😉

    • Katherine Says:

      We should! I know P gets sick of those walks where he’s still talking to me, but I’m 25 feet back cause I’ve spotted a butterfly on a leaf or something and am taking 60 shots of it.

      I’ll bring my trusty laptop, too, and we can compare software notes!

  3. Heather Says:

    A gets fed up of that too! “Why did it take us 4 hours to do a 3.7 mile walk? OH YES HEATHER because you took 274 photos, THAT’S WHY.”
    We should definitely do this. When are you free? [/eager] There are so many places we can go. Bolton Abbey, Skipton Castle, some kind of seaside, Bolsover Castle, Ilkley Moor ….

    • Katherine Says:

      Oooh, so many choices! I’d LOVE some kind of seaside – preferably something quaint and boat-y as opposed to something brash and seaside-y. But then also Ilkley moor is so nice. I have a LOT of castle photos on my hard drive (like thousands), so maybe that’s not the best idea!

      Were you thinking pre-wedding or post? I’m busy every Saturday in July, plus the 1st of August, but *think* most of my Sundays are free. After that I’m free most of the weekends, bar the odd one.

  4. Heather Says:

    The only committment is my wedding and the followin honeymoon, other than that I’m free as a bird. I would like something seasidey too. I would prefer something “coastal” rather than “British Seaside Town”, with things like stones, shells, seaweed, seabirds, and other things that don’t begin with S. You know, interesting things rather than pesky people who will get in the way.
    How far is too far to travel? Obviously I will contribute petrol wise.

    • Katherine Says:

      Think we could probably manage coastal in about a 1.5 hour in each direction. Any more driving than that in a day and my legs might fall off! So, I’d say about Flamborough down to Hull, on the east coast. Not sure if anywhere round there is picturesque? Not sure on journey times to the west, either. If we wanted to go further afield there is always the train? We could crochet en route!

      P looked over my shoulder earlier and said ‘I LIKE those photo walks!’. Bless him. Think he was a bit jealous when I mentioned going somewhere exciting to take pics.

  5. Heather Says:

    Flamborough Head looks cool, have a google of some images.

  6. Heather Says:

    Or we could get to Alnmouth (first class!) from leeds for about £30, that looks beautiful.

    I’m easy 🙂 your choice.

    • Katherine Says:

      Forgot I hadn’t replied to this! Woops.

      Alnmouth does looks ace – just the kind of beachy coastyness I meant! Shall we go for that one?

      I’m free 19th July, 2nd August and that whole second weekend in August (8th and 9th, I guess). Take your pick 🙂

  7. Heather Says:

    If we do the 19th, there is a train that leaves Leeds at 10:08 and gets in at 12:01. This would cost you £16.50. Then on the way back, 18:51 arriving back in Leeds at 20:51 and will also cost you £16.50. That’s not first class though. It’s the same price on the 2nd august, although the return train is £11 rather than £11.50.

    I’d rather the 19th, because that’s NOWish 😀
    Do you want to park at ours and we can bus it to the train station?

    oh btw alnmouth station is a bit of a walk but I’m going to have a look at buses 🙂

    • Katherine Says:

      Ok, 19th it is! Good idea on parking. God knows I don’t want to remortgage my house to pay for parking at Leeds station!

      Will we have enough to take pictures of for 7 hours, do you think?

  8. Heather Says:

    well if not we can go to the pub, and I was planning on some kind of lunch which will take up some time too. The 18:51 train was the only return one with cheapy tickets, that’s all.

  9. Heather Says:

    Good plan. If we book them separately they might not seat us together, I can get them on Friday when I get paid though and pay for them together. I’ll order them on the Friday morning and then pick them up at lunch so we don’t have to faff with posting them.

    I’m very excited. Shall we pack a picnic?

    • Katherine Says:

      Sounds good. Do you want me to paypal you the money or just give you the cash on the day?

      Ooh, yeah. I ❤ picnics! Got to look after the pennies too!

      I love the seaside. Hope it's nice weather. Not too hot, though!

  10. Heather Says:

    Cash on the day is fine 🙂

    I hope you are thinking of including cupcakes in the picnic …

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