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and so it begins… July 1, 2009

Filed under: Crochet — Katherine @ 10:28 pm

yummy yarn piles

Yarn piles appearing, catching the last rays of light on the windowsill, and waiting...

The yarn bought on aforementioned jaunt (to Holmfirth, by the way, which is lovely and most deserving of a jaunt) gathered dust in its paper bag for approximately a day before I totally lost interest in what I had been doing (Giant Granny blanket, if you’re interested) and began to stroke it lovingly and mould it into what it will become: Baby Granny blanket. Obviously I suffer from a severe lack of imagination when it comes to naming my projects.

The inaugural square.

The inaugural square.

I like to think I was going for some kind of seascape feel with my colours, but really I just grabbed the ones that I thought were the prettiest.

I’d also like to say that I carefully planned the placement of each colour, but really I just started and hoped for the best. I think it’s working so far.

Going to plan.

Going to plan.

My main problem this evening is that I have spent so long stroking my square, and smelling it, and taking pictures of it, and blogging about it, that I haven’t actually added to it. And I had a couple of free hours. Tut.

In my defence, I have been simultaneously making cupcakes. Commisioned cupcakes, no less. More about that later.


One Response to “and so it begins…”

  1. Heather Says:

    Looking good 🙂

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