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hello world! June 28, 2009

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It began like this: with an ice-cold drink on a warm, sticky day, watching the world go by. I was sitting with Heather, each of us with a paper bag full of deliciously coloured yarn at our feet, when she asked, simply, if I had a blog.

How very twenty-first century.

The simple answer is no, I haven’t. Or should that be hadn’t, as I pen my first address to cyberspace from the frivolously-named vessel that is peppermints and poppies? Simply two of my favourite (and delightfully alliterative) things, if you were wondering. Hello world, indeed. I know you haven’t been waiting for me, but here I am!

The complicated answer is, well, complicated. And riddled with false starts.

Perhaps at this point I should introduce myself? Ok, I’m Katherine, I’m nearer to 30 than I’d like, and I live with my lovely husband on the fringes of an old mining town in the north of England.

I have a series of increasingly complicated love affairs with art and with crafts. Sewing was my first love – my childhood sweetheart – but no sooner had a little dust settled on my pinking shears than I became infatuated with crochet (though not so infatuated that I didn’t manage to cheat on crochet with knitting, or with photography, or with baking). At the moment, the five of themĀ  are hesitantly co-existing, while all the time knowing that none of them are The One.

Because in the background, always, sketching out descriptive patterns in my brain, is writing. But writing scares me a little, I think, because deep down I know that me and writing could really make a go of it, you know, if I could only shake off whatever it is that stops me.

Because crucially, relentlessly, I have a love/hate relationship with words. And when it comes down to it, I guess one of the things I’m longing for most from my tentative paddle into blogging is simply to learn to love my words again.

So here goes: Hello world. I’m here.